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There is an assortment of vinyl flooring choices available on the market today but Vinyl Flooring in Pittsburgh from Premier has the best selection. You can choose the vinyl for a purpose other than decorating. You can opt for the various styles of vinyl such as the Armstrong or the Mannington sheet vinyl or maybe the assorted range of plank flooring and luxury vinyl tiles known better as Adura or Mannington or the Van Gogh (Karndean) brand. 

Vinyl Flooring in Pittsburgh from PremierThe vinyl flooring options of cushion backing that come in an assortment of thicknesses can be much of the look of the hardwood flooring or ceramic flooring appearance. The lines of vinyl include:

  • Armstrong Cushionstep
  • Stainmaster Luxura
  • Mannington Sobella

The luxury vinyl tile is going to be a resilient flooring option that is going to offer a durability and performance feature that is needed in today’s high traffic areas. The collections are balanced with visuals in the wood and natural material appearance along with designs that can easily be transformed to a more remarkable appearance by combining all the greatest advances of technology with the imaging and texturing background finishes. All of this is easily created to make installation a breeze. Not only is the flooring easy to install, durable and resilient but it is also fashionable to be used in a variety of different areas of the home. What is most important to some people is that the materials are created with content that is most usually recycled. 

Vinyl Flooring in Pittsburgh comes in several sizes…

The luxury vinyl is usually created in sizes of 12 by 12 along with 18 by 18 and even the 12 by 24 strip plank types that are going to mimic the appearance of hardwood floors. All of this can be easily achieved with floor types sold in Premier Flooring company when  using our Vinyl Flooring in Pittsburgh services.

You might be thinking that vinyl flooring is not as popular as it once was however there are a number of homes on the market today that are freshly built and have vinyl flooring inside. It has made leaps and bounds in the technology world which is why some people can not even tell that it is vinyl flooring unless someone speaks up and tells them. 

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