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At Premier, there is a wide selection of Laminate Flooring in Pittsburgh available in various sizes such as 8, 10, 12 and of course 15 mm laminates. The manufactures that you can choose from include the brand of Beaulieu and Richmond, Abco and Shaw as well as Quickstyle. These are only a few brands that come to mind the most. You can choose to speak to someone about any questions that you may have regarding your Laminate Flooring in Pittsburgh needs. 

Laminate Flooring in Pittsburgh from PremierThe Laminate Flooring in Pittsburgh is a good option for those who are looking for a design flooring that is not only tough and durable but has a good finish and can be used in a variety of areas in the home. The laminate flooring today is going to be available in a number of color choices as well as styles and textures. The look of the laminate is far more advanced than what it once was. The look of the hardwoods floors can be shown against laminate that appears as Brazilian or Cherry wood against that of the Mahogany and Walnut style. The classics are still one of the best choices with Oak and Pine and Maple being one of the top choices. These Laminate Flooring in Pittsburgh options are going to offer you a realistic design that can be replicated to look like actual hardwood floors. 

So you want to know what is laminate flooring exactly? 

The typical laminate floor is going to be a replica of the actual hardwood floors with the layers being divided form the bottom to the top. 

  • You look at the wear.
  • The image or pattern layer
  • The processed wood core which is usually a M.D.F or the H.D.F.
  • Lastly the balancing layer is last.

The layers of the laminate flooring are going to be manufactured one of two ways. They will either be placed together with a high pressure laminate or with a direct pressure laminate. With the direct pressure method, the layers are going to be bonded together and that under the extreme weather such as heat or pressure, the laminate is going to hold together nicely. Generally the wear layer and the image layer is going to be bonded together and that leaves the other two layers to keep them bonded as well. 

If you are still concerned with the laminate flooring, you will want to have us bring the show room to you and ask that you get to see the various laminate floors as well as how they will be able to be used when finally installed. We are there for you and all of your Laminate Flooring in Pittsburgh needs.

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