Pittsburgh Cork Flooring from Premier

Wicanders Cork Flooring in Pittsburgh is Now Available From Premier.  

Premier is offering a brand new series of cork flooring. The Wicanders series of cork flooring products is more effective than other cork floor items. 

Cork Flooring in Pittsburgh from PremierCork Flooring in Pittsburgh materials come from the cork oak tree. The tree’s bark will be peeled off from its trunk every few years. This is so the tree is not destroyed. The tree will grow new materials over time. This is sustainable in that a typical cork oak tree can last for at least two hundred years. Therefore, it is used in many items like floors and even with wine corks in mind. 

Cork Flooring in Pittsburgh has been a very popular item over the years. However, it has always been a challenge to install. Today’s cork flooring works with easier to handle tiles and planks and a simple snap and lock setup. 

The benefits that come with Cork Flooring in Pittsburgh are great to see. It is an antistatic flooring item that is safer to walk on. Shocks can be easily absorbed so there will be fewer joint problems when walking on the floor. 

This is especially beneficial for people who are susceptible to injuries on a floor. People who are older and have constant joint pains can take advantage of this floor. Children can also be at risk of tripping and falling. They can be protected by the soft items that work with one of these floors. 

Cork Flooring in Pittsburgh is also very tough. This is in spite of its soft feel. The cork will not scuff up easily like other floors. 

Also, this flooring is a hypoallergenic option. It will work well for allergy sufferers without creating any difficult spots where allergens can easily fall into.  


Cork Flooring in Pittsburgh from PremierAll of our Cork Flooring in Pittsburgh is Guaranteed!

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