Ceramic Flooring in Pittsburgh from Premier!

No matter if you are looking to ceramic tiles for your backsplash in your kitchen or your kitchen floor, the walls of your shower or even the back porch, Premier is going to carry the wide selection to get the job done when you choose our Ceramic Flooring in Pittsburgh services.

Ceramic Flooring in Pittsburgh from PremierThe Suppliers Include:

  • Ceretec
  • Olympia
  • Sarana
  • X Tile
  • Centura
  • Interstyle
  • Midgley and West 

The number one question that is asked of us is that is the difference in the ceramic and porcelain tile? You must know the difference in order to make a skilled decision on which tile is right for the job. We at Premier are here to help you make the best decision with your Ceramic Flooring in Pittsburgh needs.

Your ceramic tile is going to have a characteristic such as a dark red or even a brown back that contains a fine glaze across them. The ceramic tiles is going to be backed at a lower temp setting and is going to be more brittle and only have a surface glaze. The quality of the ceramic tiles is going to have a PEI rating that is equal to 3 or 4. This offers it a higher durability compared to others. The absorption rate is going to be lower causing it to not be able to be used in areas where the temperatures go up and down a bit such as a porch that is unheated. 

If that is too technical then just call Premier for your Ceramic Flooring in Pittsburgh questions.

Ceramic Flooring in Pittsburgh from PremierNo worries. all of our Ceramic Flooring in Pittsburgh is Guaranteed!

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